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Manager Regulations

MFA is committed to advocating for policy positions that:

  • Support the growth and stability of the alternative asset management industry.
  • Protect the ability of managers to deliver for institutional investors such as pensions, foundations, and endowments.
  • Maintain the integrity of financial markets.

Safeguarding the relationship between alternative asset managers and their investors

Private funds fulfill an essential role in investor portfolios. MFA is dedicated to preserving the longstanding, fruitful relationships between private funds and their sophisticated investors, which include pensions, foundations, and endowments. MFA supports rules and regulations that strengthen these relationships and enhance meaningful transparency, but opposes rulemaking that might undermine these relationships or reduce investor access to investment opportunities. 

Monitoring systemic risk

MFA recognizes the important role of regulatory bodies, such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), Bank of England (BOE) , Financial Stability Board (FSB), and others in overseeing systemic risk. To that end, MFA advocates for:

  • Appropriately tailored systemic risk regulation
  • Streamlined and simplified systemic risk reporting forms
  • Increased regulatory coordination between agencies

Reporting positions

MFA encourages:

  • Appropriately tailored reporting requirements that do not impede or reveal proprietary trading strategies and investment positions
  • The harmonization of data collection processes to enhance the efficient functioning of capital markets

MFA opposes excessive reporting requirements that disrupt alternative asset managers’ ability to deliver for their investors by impeding risk management and hedging activities.

Protecting sensitive information

Global regulators must have access to the information necessary for overseeing financial markets. However, sensitive, proprietary, and market-moving data must also be protected. MFA emphasizes the critical need for regulatory agencies to implement robust policies, procedures, and practices for the protection of the data they collect to safeguard investors, companies, and markets from potential risks. MFA remains committed to working with policymakers on issues related to data security and the protection of confidential information in the context of private funds and regulatory oversight.

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