MFA Requests and Receives Extension Regarding CFTC Proposed Rulemaking Concerning CPO Annual Report

On August 26, MFA submitted to the CFTC a request for an extension to the 30-day comment period on its notice of proposed rulemaking on amendments to certain regulations applicable to the CPO Annual Report (the Proposal).  The Proposal addresses: (1) the use of alternatives to GAAP; (2) the Annual Report audit requirement where the first fiscal year of a pool is three months or less from the date of pool formation; and (3) the unavailability of the audit requirement exception under Regulation 4.22(c)(7).

The CFTC issued the Proposal on August 5, 2016, requesting for comments by September 6, 2016.  MFA has requested that the CFTC extend the public comment period by two weeks to September 20, 2016.

On August 30, the CFTC extended the comment period until that September 20, 2016 date.