MFA Submits Comment Letter to FCA in Response to Discussion Paper on Updating and Improving the UK Regime for Asset Management

MFA submitted a comment letter to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) backing the regulator’s efforts to modernise the UK asset management regulatory landscape and promote more competitive UK capital markets. The letter is a formal response to the FCA’s Discussion Paper on updating and improving the UK asset management regime. Further, it emphasizes that the discussion paper, while focusing mainly on the retail sector, highlights critical challenges facing the alternative asset management sector which play a vital role in maintaining the UK capital markets. Consequently, MFA contends that sensible modifications to the asset management regulatory framework will safeguard the UK’s position as a world-leading financial centre.  

MFA’s letter aligns with the discussion paper, supporting the FCA’s aim to improve asset management regulation through the implementation of a modern and tailored framework that addresses the specific needs of participants in the UK financial market. Eliminating harmful inconsistencies across frameworks and preserving investor differentiations will minimize costs without compromising investor protections.  

MFA’s letter offers recommendations to modernise and refine the current regulatory framework to promote an open, efficient, and competitive UK capital market that delivers advantages to consumers, investors, and other market participants.