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MFA Forum 2022 - Advisory Council

June 8, 2022
Four Seasons Hotel Chicago Chicago, IL

MFA Forum 2022 Advisory Council

Darrel Pfeifauf

Vice President, Hedge Funds & Risk
Advocate Aurora Health

Marcus Frampton

Chief Investment Officer
Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Elizabeth M. Hewitt

Chief Investment Officer, SVP
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Alissa Shipper

Director, Public Markets
Bayshore Global Management

Steven Algert

Managing Director
Berkeley Endowment Management Company

Ryan Abrams

Managing Director, Return-Seeking Investments
Constellation Energy

Catherine Ulozas

Chief Investment Officer
Drexel University 

Neal Triplett


Panayiotis Lambropoulos

Portfolio Manager – Hedge Funds
Employees Retirement System of Texas

Katherine Molnar

Chief Investment Officer
Fairfax County Police Officers Retirement System

Harshal Chaudhari

Chief Investment Officer
General Electric

Joseph Veeneman

Director, Public Markets
IBM Retirement Funds

Fangyi Liu

Senior Portfolio Manager
Investment Management Corporation of Ontario

Andrew Chen

Portfolio Manager
Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company

Andrew Palmer

Chief Investment Officer
Maryland State Retirement and Pension System

Bill Li

Director, Senior Investment Officer

Leo Svoboda

Managing Director, Head of Liquid Alternatives

Jae Yoon

Chief Investment Officer
New York Life Investment Management

Adri Chaikin

Managing Director, Investments
New York Presbyterian Hospital

Mohamed Elkordy

Senior Investment Officer, Private Credit & Opportunistic Investments
New York State Common Retirement Fund

Drew O’Brien

Director, Investments

Farouki Majeed

Chief Investment Officer
Ohio School Employees Retirement System

David Ross

Managing Director, Capital Markets Group


Frank Milhail

Public Employee Retirement Association of New Mexico

Shannon O’Leary

Chief Investment Officer
Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation

David Francl

Managing Director, Absolute Return
San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System

Trent Webster

Senior Investment Officer – Strategic Investments
State Board of Administration of Florida 

Derek Drummond

Portfolio Manager
State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Anne-Marie Fink

CIO, Private Markets & Funds Alpha
State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Brian Payne

Investment Officer – Diversifying Strategies
Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois

Steven Wilson

Director, Public Markets
Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Charles Van Vleet

Assistant Treasurer
Chief Investment Officer of Pension Investments
Textron Inc.

Tony Caruso

Senior Director, Hedge Fund Investments
The University of Texas/Texas A&M Investment Management Company

Tarik Serri

Senior Director, Hedge Funds & Alternative Investments
Trans-Canada Capital

Brian Neale

Chief Investment Officer
University of Nebraska Foundation

Ross Kasarda

Director of Risk Management
Virginia Retirement System

Carlos Rangel

Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
W. K. Kellogg Foundation