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MFA Announces Launch of New Campaign To Highlight Important Role Hedge Funds Play For Americans

Corbett: “Across the country, hedge funds help provide financial security for workers, educational opportunities to college students, and support to charities and nonprofits that allow our communities to thrive.”

WASHINGTON, DC – Managed Funds Association (MFA), the trade association for the hedge fund and global alternative investment industry, today announced the launch of “Investing in Opportunity,” a campaign to help drive awareness of the value hedge funds and the alternative investment industry provides to millions of Americans across all 50 states. 

“Across the country, hedge funds help provide financial security for workers, educational opportunities to college students, and support to charities and nonprofits that allow our communities to thrive,” said Bryan Corbett, President and CEO of MFA. “They are a critical investment tool, particularly for the pensions, endowments, and foundations that rely on them to deliver returns in all market conditions. Through this campaign, we hope to increase understanding of hedge funds and demonstrate the importance the alternative investment industry has in the lives of everyday Americans.” 

The campaign website, investinginopportunity.org, serves as a content hub, including a state-by-state map showing the industry’s positive impact across the country. The campaign will highlight key facts that demonstrate how hedge funds support Americans coast-to-coast and their communities:  

  • Nearly 26 million American workers are invested in hedge funds through their pension plans ($789 billion). From teachers to firefighters, hedge funds help provide reliable retirement income through well-researched investments. 
  • More than 300 colleges and universities across the U.S. invest $145 billion in hedge funds through their endowments to create opportunities for students, provide scholarships, and keep tuition costs down. 
  • Nonprofits and charitable foundations invest $438 billion in hedge funds to deliver returns that can make a difference and positively impact lives in the communities they serve. 


About the Global Hedge Fund and Alternative Investment Industry 

The global hedge fund and alternative investment industry, including hedge funds, credit, managed futures, and private investment firms, has assets under management of $4.1 trillion (Q1 2021). The industry serves thousands of public and private pension funds, charitable endowments, foundations, sovereign governments, and other global institutional investors by providing portfolio diversification and risk-adjusted returns to help meet their funding obligations and return targets. 

About the Managed Funds Association 

Managed Funds Association (MFA) represents the global hedge fund and alternative investment industry and its investors by advocating for regulatory, tax, and other public policies that foster efficient, transparent, and fair capital markets. MFA’s more than 130 member firms collectively manage nearly $1.6 trillion across a diverse group of investment strategies. Member firms help pension plans, university endowments, charitable foundations, and other institutional investors to diversify their investments, manage risk, and generate attractive returns over time. MFA has a global presence and is active in Washington, London, Brussels, and Asia, supporting a global policy environment that fosters growth in the alternative investment industry. mfastaging.wpengine.com 

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